Although Daniel Marks pulls inspiration from his surroundings, currently residing in Ames, Iowa, he distorts perspective and saturates colors in his stylized paintings, creating something beyond a static viewing experience. In his subject matter – rural barns, landscapes, and small town buildings –  Marks's aggressively bucks the notion of midwestern commonplace, bending the spatial plane and deftly utilizing a vibrant color palette causing the paintings to seemingly come alive. Marks finds personality in figureless places and successfully brings expressive rendering back to regionalism. 

Marks earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri in 1991. He has exhibited in numerous solo, group, and juried exhibits in the past 30 years, including Harvard University and The Iowa State Fair.  His work can be found in private collections around the country and in the permanent collection at the Ashby Hodge Gallery of American Art, Fayette, Missouri.