Frank Stack resides in Columbia, Missouri and is professor emeritus at the University of Missouri. An accomplished graphic novelist, fine art painter, and printmaker, his depictions of the nude form are an amalgamation of his diverse artistic talent. Whether presented in the clean, cross-hatched lines of etching or the subtle shifts of tone found in his lithography, Stack renders the human body with a playful eroticism and a critical eye. Each piece feels genuinely intimate and honest, as if the subject is unaware of the viewer, relaxed and at ease. Undeniably, Stack is capturing the fundamental grace of the feminine form.

Frank Stack is credited with inventing "underground comix" - the now celebrated precursors to today's graphic novels - back in 1962. Released under the nom de plume of Foolbert Sturgeon, Stack's revolutionary publication Adventures of Jesus depicted the contemporary escapades of a scruffy, socially conscious Jesus Christ. Frank Stack also developed an international reputation as a painter and print maker. He has published two monographs on his work and his art has been featured in American Artist, The Artist's Magazine and The Village Voice.

2016 Late Winter Exhibit