2017 Late Summer Exhibit

Sager Braudis Gallery is honored to once again host long-time represented artist Jo Stealey, who brings new works in mixed bers media. Stealey’s work has been collected and exhibited around the world, and she is seen as an authority on contemporary bers and American basketry, having given multiple National Basketry Organization and other curatorial lectures, and serving as head of Fibers and then Department Chair at the University of Missouri Department of Art. A PhD and award-winning art educator, Stealey has mentored and nurtured a generation of ber artists, encouraging innovation within traditional media. Connection, nurturing, and meticulous care are in fact hallmarks of Stealey’s portfolio. In this series, the recurrent symbol of the apron is at once female, protective, functional, and even seductive. The careful arrangement of natural materials speaks to the artist’s connection to nature, and each piece, with fused gold and extreme attention to detail, is like an offering to the archetypal mother, to repay the nurturing and inspiration she affords the artist. 

note: not all pieces photographed