A native of Kansas City, Josh George completed his BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute (1997), followed by an influential session at The Illustration Academy. His exhibitions and publications span the globe and include Arte Verona in Italy, the Society of Illustrators in New York, and numerous others. George’s work revolves around a fascination with the urban landscape. Dense collage of minute pieces of paper ephemera and painterly technique contribute to a unique form of impressionism, wherein all the tiny parts serve not only the larger composition, but also the sense of energy and motion it contains. Inspired by the likes of Cassatt, Degas, and the Ashcan Artists, George offers snapshots of a contemporary American set of experiences, finding exuberance in fleeting moments of activity.




Josh George returns to Sager Braudis this spring with works in oil and acrylic on wood panel, incorporating layers of collage to achieve rich texture and emphasize the density and activity of his cityscapes. His subjects include human figures, city streets and buildings, and scenes of everyday existence that capture the multifaceted nature of life in an urban setting. George’s paintings offer narrative snapshots conveyed with wit and sensitivity, humor and pathos, to present the complexities of the modern American experience. Josh George at once celebrates and critiques our culture, expresses both disillusionment and exuberance, and discovers beauty and disappointment in unexpected places.

2014 Winter Exhibit

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