A longstanding member of the Sager Braudis Gallery roster of artists, the highlyprolific Ken Nichols returns to the main gallery with a new series that explores sentimentality, value, and loss with abalance of solemnity and humor. With an eye for objects and scenes that carry an implied history, Nichols has arranged compositions that elevate his subjectsout of the everyday and into the realm oficons, treasures, and relics. Light plays heavily in this act of elevation, metaphorically anointing his chosen focal points, and showing with a deft sense of sarcasm how we exalt our everyday treasures and later, just as easily, discard and forget them.



Ken Nichols returns to Sager Braudis Gallery with vast, cosmic canvases that abandon form and intensely explore the power of color and movement.  Grounded in process, like much of Nichols’s work, the series was created by indulging fundamental observations of pigments’ solid and liquid states, seizing the transformation in change, separation, and coagulation.  While some of the outcome is random, the environment is steadily controlled by the artist.  Nichols shows his adeptness with color relation and composition all while allowing the entropy of chemical reaction to unfold with spectacular effect, each painting an analog universe set into motion by the artist’s hand. 


2015 Summer Exhibit