Residing in Santa Fe, Kevin Box began as a papermaker, printmaker and graphic designer. Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of origami, he begins every piece with a blank sheet of paper, the success of the completed figure shaped entirely by his eye for form, structure, and proportion. Composition emerges as Box places deliberate folds into the paper, each crease and disturbance in the smooth surface a record of a choice, a captured moment. In the purest sense, origami is an art of economy. A few simple creases evoke an animal; modify the sequence slightly, and an entirely new form appears. Box's own creative process is certainly just as fine-tuned. By experimenting directly with paper and wax and working in a lost wax foundry for several years, he developed an “organic burnout” process specifically for paper that allows the intimate, exquisite details of the original origami sculpture to remain in the finished work. Box notes that his work "celebrates the delicate nature of paper"  and it's role in capturing ideas, thoughts, and philosophies, and it's function as an artistic palette. Undoubtedly, paper is the central theme to Box’s work, but within the folds of the casted sculpture we find narratives of balance and harmony, the passage of time, and even the artistic process itself.