Kyle Hendrix is a recent MFA in ceramics (University of Missouri), currently working as an Artisan at Bollinger Atelier Bronze Foundry. He has travelled extensively for artist residencies in the United States, as well as the distinguished CRETA residency in Rome. His recent research, leading to both his thesis exhibition at the University of Missouri and the work presented at Sager Braudis Gallery, has dealt with archetypes of ancient architecture. Hendrix has found that among ancient cultures around the globe, a certain “form language” is shared–a set of root characteristics that recur in diverse and separate sites. The continuity of these characteristics, for the artist, reveals a common humanity. In his ceramic work, Hendrix seeks those visual cues that lead to the sense that we are all connected, across time, distance, and cultural divides. His sculptural objects allude to weathered stone, monumental presence, and purposeful human design. Echoing ancient architecture, these forms hint at a shared past and hold the sense of mystery inherent in timeworn objects.