Leah Bowring is a ceramic artist from Columbia, Missouri. A pupil of Koiichi Koyama, an accomplished Japanese potter, she conducted personal research studying traditional Japanese kilns and wares, traveling throughout Japan in the time between her formal degrees. Although her aesthetic is heavily influenced by her international travels, her serene sculptural vessels comment directly on a state of mind related to clarity and lightness when experiencing the open landscape of both the far East and Midwest. Bowring finds inspiration in solitude and nature, accessing a trance-like state where unrestricted thoughts occur and innovation flows. The resulting work is meditative and delicate, subtly detailed with clean lines.

Bowring recently graduated from the University of Missouri with a Masters in ceramics in May 2015. As an impassioned educator, she enjoys teaching all ages and settings including community studios, camps for children, and at the university. She currently lives in Oakland, California and creates her work in Berkeley.

2016 Winter Exhibit