Luca Cruzat is a Chilean born artist printmaker, currently residing in Carbondale, Illinois. Calling her technique "collagraphy printing,” Cruzat assembles unusual materials, especially those with interesting textures, to create the plates from which her images are made. This unconventional and flexible plate has many marks, and some invisible marks in the surface of the plate come alive in the print. Cruzat often leaves free the long, loose ends of threads effecting further variations between different impressions on the same plate. Her sparse, simple compositions call to mind an x-ray film – a nod to the deeper implications of the role clothing plays in modern society. Referring to this current series as a "meditation on clothes,“ Cruzat notes that clothes are common and universal objects that reflect personal expression, contemporary and popular culture, as well as fragmented political, ethical and social meaning.”

2015 Late Summer Exhibit