2016 Late Summer Exhibit

Marie Gardeski has flawlessly merged the worlds of illustration and fine art with her intimate, delicately detailed, mixed-media drawings featuring seemingly sweet subjects within the confines of sinister environments.  With a rotating cast of characters and mind-bending situational narratives, the works are conveyed in a soft palette and diminutive size, creating a sense of preciousness quickly turned on its head by their content.  Gardeski’s technique with line work and loose watercolor combined with a heavy dose of pathos in their conceptual elements, give the paintings a sense of having been lifted from a book of post-modern fairytales.  Whether the danger within be implicit or explicit, the viewer is coerced into the narrative by the artist’s provocative subtlety.  Gardeski has created a unique artistic voice, humorous and unflinching, a visual id of the hapless to be enjoyed from a safe distance.