One of the most prolific and acclaimed illustrators of the 20th century, Mark English produced work for such publications as McCalls, Time, Sports Illustrated, and Redbook before co-founding the Illustration Academy in 1995. The intensive, mentor-led academy, and English’s own instruction and influence, have now impacted an entire generation of illustrators in the U.S.  It was also in 1995 that he transitioned from illustrator to studio artist and began painting for exhibition in earnest. In his latest work, landscapes and figures are abstracted compositions of color and texture, each piece layered with paint, ink, and collage, to be visually excavated by the viewer. A never-ending pursuit of exciting arrangements and materials fuels English’s imagination and those of his eager collectors. His work is celebrated and sought after worldwide.



Mark English is one of the most prolific and acclaimed illustrators in the U.S, in fact bearing the distinction of being the most awarded illustrator in the history of the Society of Illustrators. After instructing for the Illustrators Workshop beginning in the 70s, English co-founded the Illustration Academy in 1995 with a similar, mentor-led, studio workshop format. Of the highly-engaged instructive model at the Academy, English has said, “The instructors at the academy approach teaching as mentors. There’s no better way to do it.” As a mentor, English’s influence has deeply impacted a generation of artists, including every other painter in the Spring Exhibit. As a studio artist, he has developed a unique, recognizable amalgam of textural pattern, saturated hue, and figures abstracted down to their essence.