Peter Anger, Michigan-born, currently resides in Columbia, Missouri. Anger is a freelance photographer and artist who delved into the world of light painting over 20 years ago. His most recent series presents the viewer with a single sphere, colorful and vibrant. These cosmic images are made by manipulating a light source to illuminate the film and camera sensors. Anger refers to his works as "Mandalas"--directly referencing the spherical spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions. Mandalas, in the traditional sense, represent the universe. They offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony, everything and nothing. Anger's Mandalas insinuate that same feeling of wholeness. These light paintings, in the purest sense, capture moments that cannot be seen completely by the naked eye. They remind us of our relationship to infinity and prompt us to examine the metaphysical and our search for completeness and self-unity.

2016 March Hallery