Returning exhibitor Simon Tatum was born in the Cayman Islands, received his Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia (2017), and will pursue his Master of Fine Arts degree from Kent State University in September 2019. Tatum’s work navigates issues of identity and historical representation and the ways they intersect, especially for those like the artist with roots in the Caribbean islands. His newest portraits and abstracted forms are imagined more than representational, drawing on the environment surrounding Tatum’s studio space in Grand Cayman and his travels through the Caribbean region. While they refer to a sense of place and memory, their abstraction calls attention to the lack of concrete historical documentation and the missing identities in the artist’s ancestry.



Simon Tatum is a current art student at the University of Missouri, born and raised in the Cayman Islands. In a cutting-edge exploration of media and presentation, Tatum creates mixed-media drawings and prints which reclaim and adapt historic photographs of Caymanian people. The problem with historic record, whether written or photographic, is that it is usually controlled and selected by one dominant, cultural voice, to the exclusion of the perspective of marginalized peoples. Tatum is interested in the parallel histories of colonizer and colonized populations in the Caribbean region.