When Sofia Bonati debuted her illustrative paintings with Sager Braudis Gallery in 2017, they were so instantly beloved that they nearly sold out by the end of the opening reception. This winter she returns with a new cast of subjects, bringing the same soft graphite rendering combined with pattern-heavy painting that earned her so much acclaim, both as a studio artist and a professional illustrator. Her female subjects are strong and central, each conveying a character and seeming to carry her own subtle sense of narrative. Flattened, decorative backgrounds echo the power and personality of the figure but grant her the focus, reinforcing her centrality.


2017 Late Summer Exhibit

Sofia Bonati is an Argentinian artist currently living in Surrey, United Kingdom. She was born in Buenos Aires in 1982 into a family of artists, and started her artistic career when she moved to the UK in 2013. In addition to her studio practice, she has also developed a career as an illustrator, with clients such as Iberia (Spain), Vanity Fair (France) and Mondadori (Italy). Working mostly in pencil and wet media on paper, Bonati imbues her female gures and portraits with surrealistic elements, seemingly granting them the powers of the animals, plants, and objects that adorn them. Smooth, focused pencil drawing of realistic portraiture grounds each subject in the midst of flowing, dream-like surroundings, creating stunningly beautiful, imagined tableaus.